Some of the best Anglers use Dynamite Baits

Dynamite Baits consult with some of the best Anglers around the world. They offer invaluable advice when it comes to creating and testing baits and they also appear and contribute to UK, European and Worldwide fishing publications on a regular basis.

International anglers…


Alexander Hager (Austria)

Austrian angler with beautiful common carp

Alexander Hager has been fishing for almost 30 years and targeting more

Markus Rosenberger (Austria)

Markus Rosenberger mirror carp

Markus has been angling since a child and this passion has fascinated more

Peter Kuppens (Belgium)

Grass carp caught on Dynamite Baits Spicy Peanut

Peter Kuppens is a very accomplished angler who enjoys more

Radek Bis (Czech)

Radek Bis - Cesko

Radek Bis started carp fishing in the early 90's when he was 12-years old more

David Chalons (France)

French angler David Chalons with 23kg Mirror

David Chalons is an ultra-motivated carp angler and spends all more

Christophe Philbert (France)

French angler profile

Christophe Philbert is one of the best known carp anglers in France more

Emir Caro (Germany)

Record carp Silver

Emir Caro first started fishing in 1990 and has been addicted more

Christian Graßhoff (Germany)

Christian Graßhoff large carp photo Germany

Christian Graßhoff simply lives for fishing. He's incredibly more

Mathis Korn (Germany)

Accomplished carp angler Mathis Korn - Germany

Mathis Korn is an extremely accomplished carp angler for his age, more

Pierre-Michel Lehe (Germany)

51lb Common Carp caught on The Crave boilie in Germany

Pierre-Michel Lehe first learnt to fish from his father as a young child more

Ralf Sendelbach (Germany)

Ralf Sendelbach - 50lb Mirror Carp

Ralf Sendelbach has been fishing since his early youth and specifically more

Jan Ulak (Germany)


At the age of 30 Jan Ulak is proving to be one of the best big fish more

Remond van Dijk (Holland)

Visser Remond van Dijk

I’ve been carp fishing for about 16 years now and spent most of this more

Alessandro Crosato (Italy)

Italian angler Alessandro Crosato

Alessandro Crosato is one of the most famous and clever carp anglers in more

Alfonso Vastano (Italy)

Pescatori Alfonso Vastano

Alfonso Vastano has been a journalist for many years, directing more

Yoshihiro Sasaki (Japan)

Dynamite Baits angler profile

Yoshihiro Sasaki is the owner of NG-Carp in Japan and has been more

Robert Wolak (Poland)

Polska Wędkarze Robert Wolak Dynamite Baits

Robert is an experienced carp angler and regularly competes more

Arseniy Demin (Russia)

Russian Dynamite Baits angler

Arseniy Demin has been extremely fond of fishing since childhood more

Evgeniy Khlynin (Russia)

Evgeniy Khlynin

Evgeniy grew up in Kamchatka in the North of Russian and was taken on more

Kristof Cuderman (Slovenia)

Angler Profile Kristof Cuderman

Kristof Cuderman is a young angler who holds several world and more

Ángel Bonal

Angel Bonal - Espana

I have been an angling fanatic since my childhood. Carp fishing has more

Frank Granados (Spain)

Dynamite Baits - Frank Granados

Frank Granados has fished for carp and barbel for more than 20 years more

Eduardo Zancada (Spain)

Spainish Angler Eduardo Zancada with large common

Eduardo Zancada has fished since he was 9 years old targeting more

Paul Austin (UK)

French Mirror carp caught on Dynamite Baits Savoury Spice

Paul Austin has been fishing for carp for over 20 years and is a proper more

Terry Hearn (UK)

Terry Hearn's The Crave

Terry Hearn is, without a doubt, the most committed carp angler more