Terry Hearn’s The Source Boilie Range

Terry Hearn’s The Source Boilie Range

  • Now in new packaging including zip-lock pouch for freshness
  • Contains exact same ingredients to Terry’s secret recipe – never bettered, never changed
  • Made from the finest bird foods and fishmeals
  • A high protein boilie that is the perfect, balanced meal for carp
  • Includes egg shell to give it a unique texture
  • Contains added Robin Red®
  • Range includes concentrate hookbait dip, liquid attractant, pop-ups, pellets, groundbait, paste & hook pellets


New to the range:

  • White Fluro pop-ups
  • Hardened hookbaits
  • 14mm Dumbells
  • 1kg base mix and liquid kit & 5kg bulk bag (no liquid)


The Source Washed-out Fluro pop-upsDynamite Hardened Hookbaits14mm The Source dumbells Dynamite Baits base mix












The Source boilies available in 10mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm and 26mm

Watch the short video below…


ROBIN RED® is a registered trademark of John E Haith Limited


Terry Hearn's The Source