Distance Surface bait – chod-rig success for Kristof

April 1st, 2015

Back in the autumn of last year I used the new Surface Distance Baits. Although the bait’s initial purpose is for surface fishing I adapted its use and fished it as a pop-up on a chod rig or hinge stiff rig set-up.

White surface distance baitMany of us anglers at some point have experienced the sight of a lot of carp activity on the lake in the winter, but with nobody catching. I have had to deal with similar situations and noticed that when this happens the carp tend to be feeding in the mud on one of their favourites – bloodworm. In my experience when this is the case, carp aren’t really interested in boilies, so my normal approach is chod rig fishing. Personally I rarely use this rig but when I have done in this scenario it has brought me a few bonus carp.

For my chod rig I used the Dynamite Surface Distance Bait mounted on a Fox Arma Point 6 Hook and Illusion Fluro Leader Hooklink – 25lb. The surface bait dissolves in the water slowly making it highly attractive. It is fishmeal based and as we all know the white colour (used in this session) is very appealing to carp.

This style of fishing is not my favourite but to be successful you have to adjust to the circumstances and on the times I’ve adopted it I’ve been rewarded, including this amazing koi.

Kristof Cuderman

Stunning orange koi carp

Letting my koi go

We quickly put together the rig below to show the high leakage of the Distance Surface Baits – the 2nd photo taken 5 minutes after the 1st

Dynamite white Distance Surface baits