Jan Ulak on The Crave Base Mix

September 23rd, 2014

I first rolled my own boilies over 15 years ago and have produced many kilos since. When I look back at my notes I smile a little, the diverse ingredients I’ve used were certainly very adventurous!

These days I would not use as many ingredients, not because they are detrimental to the finished boilie, but simply because I regard them as totally unnecessary. The reason for all the ‘unnecessary ingredients’ is often not questioned and therefore it can be difficult for novice anglers to find the right combination and blend.

Dynamite Base Mix

I’m a believer that everyone should find out for themselves what works well and what doesn’t and everything should be tried once. For example I’ve produced countless kilos of pop-ups in the past just because I’d added the wrong amount of shrimp meal to my boilies. Today I can laugh about it, but at the time as a student it was a heavy financial blow!

The simplest solution of course is ready made boilies from the shop. Today I use about 80% pre-rolled Dynamite shelf-life boilies in 10-15mm sizes, but there are also situations where I still like to produce my own bait.

I’m a big fan of different boilie sizes and shapes so carp don’t become too familiar to one size / weight of boilie. In such situations I purchase shelf-life dumbells or sometimes roll a 15 or 20mm dumbell, thus making the hookbait more difficult to detect amongst various different sized freebies.

Another situation in which I produce my own bait is when fishing waters with a large crayfish or bream population. For this I might roll my own extra hardened hookbait with an added hardened texture. Dynamite is also releasing its own range of hardened hookbait in their premium range; these are available from October and are perfect for this type of situation.

Dynamites The Crave Base Mix

To make it as easy as possible for myself I now always use a purposely manufactured base mix kit, for example I now always use Dynamite’s 1kg bags of The Crave base mix. These also come with a 50ml bottle of liquid flavour inside the bag. I think this is a really ingenious and simple solution and takes away all the trial and error that I endured for years. The Source is now also readily available in 1kg and 5kg Base Mix.

I use a dry mix for my normal bait using 25ml of the liquid and for my hook baits I use 50ml per kilo. If I have 25ml left over I use this as a dip / soak diluted with water.

Two of my recipes for all situations look like this…



CSL Liquid

For waters with crayfish and bream:

  • 1kg The Crave Base Mix
  • 25ml The Crave Liquid
  • 10% egg powder
  • 5% blood meal
  • 5% chilli powder
  • 330ml lake water
  • 40ml CSL Liquid Dynamite Baits
  • 0.5 ml N-Butyric acid


Jan Ulak