World Carp Classic 2016 Prize draw

Here’s the result from our final World Carp Classic prize draw for €250 RRP of Dynamite baits… All the anglers unfortunate enough not to catch at this year WCC are in the draw…but which pair of anglers have won…??

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€250 RRP

Tips & tricks from Nic Brown on his approach to Lac du Coron

A short video by Nic Brown on his approach to the French lake Lac du Coron. Nic discusses what he has learnt whilst observing our anglers on the lake as well as tips and tricks he’s picked up when fishing over the winter…

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Butyric-C pop-up

Dynamite Baits World Carp Classic 2015 – Lizette & Bianca Interview

As the final hooter sounds and the 2015 World Carp Classic at Lac de Madine comes to an end we talk to team Dynamite & Shimano pair of Bianca Venema and Lizette Beunders who finish agonisingly in 2nd place only 2 kilos off top spot. But the girls are upbeat and want to say thank you for all the support!

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WCC 2015 runners-up

Dynamite Baits World Carp Classic 2015 – The lull before the storm

In the final full day calm descended across the lake, bite alarms stayed quiet and the anglers braced themselves for the last night…. In today’s episode we take time out to visit the incredible and poignant American war memorial, of course we see more stunning fish, we catch up with the guys from Carp Spirit and more…

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Madine Mirror Carp

Dynamite World Carp Classic 2015 – It’s hotting up

As Thursday draws to a close things are really hotting up at the top of the leaderboard with just a few kilos separating the top 3 teams including the Italians in peg 1 and Lizette & Bianca in peg 9. We also have another exciting new product focus…

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Another looks at fish 3

Dynamite World Carp Classic 2015 – Getting Serious

In episode 4 from the World Carp Classic at Lac de Madine things are really hotting up. There’s footage of the 2nd biggest fish so far, an old warrior for the Spanish team and a product focus on the new Hemp & Snails…

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Team Spain

Dynamite World Carp Classic 2015 – The Fish Are Coming

In episode 3 from the 2015 World Carp Classic we report from a very busy day that includes footage of an incredible common of over 21kgs that was also the 1st fish of the tournament as well as the biggest. There’s also footage of Lizette & Bianca’s 1st fish and a product focus on 2 Dynamite classic’s…

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Ducth ladies forst fish

Dynamite World Carp Classic 2015 – Swim Chat

Daryl and Nic take a moment out to have a quick chat about some of the pairs and the swims they have drawn and give a few predictions on how they feel the week will go…

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Peg analysis

Dynamite World Carp Classic 2015 – The Draw

In episode 2 from the banks of Lac de Madine we bring you the all important draw, the opening ceremony, instant reaction with Europe’s top big fish anglers, a product showcase on the Hardened Hookbaits and some stunning footage as the teams prepare for the 2pm start…

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Peg Draw Video

Dynamite World Carp Classic 2015 – The Beginning

In our 1st video from the 2015 World Carp Classic we bring you live footage from the bank, interviews with Gary Peet and Andy MacGregor, competitions a product showcase on the new Red-Amo and much more…

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Dynamite WCC 2015

Dynamite’s The Source

Dynamite’s The Source – An unchanged classic – probably the best selling boilie of all time…

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Dynamites The Source

Specialist Hardened Hookbaits

New specialist Hardened Hookbaits – 2015 best in show winner at Carp Italy. Mixed Hardened boilies in 15mm, 20mm and 14mm dumbells. Available now in The Source, Red-Amo, The Crave and Robin Red

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Hardened Hookbaits

Fluro Washed-out Pop-ups & Dumbells

Butyric-C, Sweet Tiger, Secret Slammer and Black Buzzer – available in 10mm, 15mm and 20mm. Super buoyant – perfect for chods, stiff-hinge rigs and balancing baits

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Washed-out pop-ups

14mm Dumbells

1kg bags in shelf-life and freezer – available now in The Source, The Crave and Red-Amo

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Dynamite Baits 14mm dumbells

CSL Liquids

Liquid carp food for the serious angler! Naturally high in amino acids – 100% PVA friendly – water soluble – available now in 1 litre bottles

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Dynamite Baits 1 litre liquids

Robin Red Groundbait

Packed full of Haith’s original Robin Red, a coarse and versatile heavy big fish mix – irresistible to carp and barbel

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Haiths Red Red

Soft Hook Pellets

Highly visible all year round bait available in 9 flavours & colours – 2 sizes per tub, easy to hook, tough and durable

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Dynamite Hook Pellets

Hempseed & Snails

100% natural bait, cooked in the sealed can – totally fresh. Available in original 4mm and Specimen 14mm versions

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Dynamite Baits Hempseed & Snails

Swim Stim Match Mini’s

Available in 3 highly effective colours & flavours – Antartic Krill, White Amino and Betaine Yellow. Find out more…

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Match Mini's

Swim Stim Extreme Paste

Made using Koi technology and available in 3 flavours – Amino Original, Red Krill and Betaine Green. Find out more…

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Dynamite Baits Extreme Paste

Swim Stim Groundbait Re-Loaded

Made using Koi technology – Full of fish attracting amino’s – A twist on our Swim Stim groundbait!

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Dynamite Re-loaded groundbait

Swim Stim Milled Expanders

Premium expander pellets milled to a fine powder – Available in Amino Original, Red Krill and Betaine Green

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Dynamite Milled Expanders

World Carp Classic 2014 Day & Night – Mathis Korn & Team Spain

Check out this video by Mathis Korn as Team Dynamite Baits Spain search for gold at lake Bolsena during the World Carp Classic 2014…

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Spanish teams carp at WCC

Dynamite WCC video blog: Day 5 – Final day

From yesterday’s final full day of the 2014 World Carp Classic we bring you carp, underwater footage, rigs, bait, tackle and much more. We visited the Dutch team of Camiel, Jos and Justin just after they’d landed 1 of their 10 carp for a final weight of 108.3kg. We were then at peg 15 with the German team of Jan Ulak, Pierre-Michel Lehe & Ralf Sendelbach as they talked us through their rigs, bait and tackle.

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Another carp for Dutch team

Dynamite WCC video blog: Day 4 – Peter Kuppens (Team Belgium) interview

In the latest Dynamite World Carp Classic video blog from the banks of Bolsena we catch-up with Dynamite’s Belgium angler Peter Kuppens and his team. They discusses their approach to Lake Bolsena including their chosen baits and rigs. This video also features a “live take” for Kristof Cuderman…

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Dynamite Baits Belgium

Dynamite video blog: WCC day 3 – Baits, rigs & more with Markus Rosenberger

In today’s video blog from the World Carp Classic we catch-up with Dynamite’s Austrian team to talk rigs, baits and more. Plus we also caught up with our website competition winner Kontz Mihai from Romania and have some more video of Lizette & Bianca with their 3rd carp…

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Two Tone Fluro pop-ups

Dynamite video blog: WCC day 2 – Kristof Cuderman on his baits, rigs and spots

In our latest installment live from the banks of Bolsena we catch up with the carp catching record holder Kristof Cuderman…

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Kristof Cuderman WCC 2014

Dynamite video blog: WCC Day 1 – Catching-up with last years champions

Yesterday saw the competitors wet a line at the WCC for the 1st time this year, all of them full of excitement. We briefly caught up with the 2013 champions as they went about exploring their swim and getting their rods out…

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Exploring the swim

Dynamite video blog: Opening ceremony, peg draw & reaction

Watch video highlights from the World Carp Classic opening ceremony and all important WCC peg draw. We’ve got the reaction from some of the anglers plus discussion about each peg and the week ahead…

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L&B peg draw

Dynamite WCC video blog: Meet the team

Day 2 at Lake Bolsena is all about the excitement building, everyone is now here and the time for fun is very nearly over before the serious stuff starts. Check out this latest blog as we introduce you to this years team Dynamite ahead of Sundays all important peg draw…

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WCC team

Dynamite 2014 World Carp Classic Video Blog – Introduction

Everyday throughout the duration of the WCC our team in Italy will be posting a video blog on the Dynamite website stuffed full of the latest news, top tips, competitions and more…

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Dynamite stand at the 2014 WCC

Looking back at an August Expedition with Radek Bis

Watch this short video from last summer as Radek Bis try’s to outwit a few stunning carp from beautifully clear water in a beautiful setting. (Narration in Czech)

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14kg mirror carp caught on Robin Red

Dynamite 2013 World Carp Classic Highlights

In 2013 Dynamite proudly became the principle partner of the World Carp Classic held at Lake Bolsena in Italy. It was the 15th anniversary of the prestigious event and a truly memorable competition. Here’s a short video featuring some of our favourite highlights from the opening ceremony through to the crowning of the 2013 winners – Bianca Venema & Lizette Beunders.

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2013 Dynamite World Carp Classic winners

Live at the winning peg – Bianca & Lizette celebrate winning the 2013 World Carp Classic

It’s almost 8am as the conclusion of the 2013 World Carp Classic approaches. Ross Honey is on the bank with Bianca Venema & Lizette Beunders as they are about to be officially crowned as the 2013 Champions. Watch history being made…

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Live at the winning peg

Interview with Dynamite Baits Peter Kuppens & Davy Geboers on day 4 of the World Carp Classic

Dynamite Baits Peter Kuppens has been with Dynamite Baits for over 10 years. Here Gerrard Williams asks the Benelux record holder about his time with Dynamite and about his favourite boilie…

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Interview with Dynamite Baits Peter Kuppens

Dynamite ladies top 2013 WCC leaderboard

History was being made as Bianca Venema & Lizette Beunders continued to land carp throughout the event putting them top of the 2013 WCC Leaderboard with just a couple of days remaining. See what they have to say as the excitement grows at peg 62…

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Dynamite ladies top 2013 WCC Leaderboard

Riccardo Battisti & Danielle Colapicchioni at the 2013 World Carp Classic

Dynamites Gerrard Williams interviews Riccardo Battisti & Danielle Colapicchioni on day 3 of the 2013 World Carp Classic at Lake Bolsena. The Italians who currently lead their section discuss baits, rigs and Lake Bolsena as well as a general update on how the competition is progressing.

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Riccardo Battisti & Danielle Colapicchioni

Interview with Dynamite Baits Kristof Cuderman

Dynamite Baits Gerrard Williams interviews Slovenian angler Kristof Cuderman on the banks of Lake Bolsena in Italy. As well as discussing his progress we ask him about his record breaking carp and new PB…

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Gerrard Williams interviews Kristof Cuderman

Interview with Lizette Beunders & Bianca Venema at the 2013 World Carp Classic

Gerrard Williams catches up with the Dutch ladies on day 2 of the 2013 Dynamite World Carp Classic as they sit top of the Leaderboard. See what Lizette and Bianca had to say…

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Interview with Lizette & Bianca

The Leading teams going into day 2 at Lake Bolsena

Dynamite Baits Bianca Venema & Lizette Beunders got off to a flying start at Lake Bolsena and led the event going into day 2. Watch as Ross Honey catches up with the early leaders of the World Carp Classic…

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The Leading teams at the World Carp Classic

Interview Dynamite Baits World Carp Classic competition winner

Wim Hanegraaf from The Netherlands won Dynamite Baits competition to win a place at the 2013 World Carp Classic. Here Gerrard Williams catches up with Wim and his fishing partner Dave Kesseleer on the banks at Lake Bolsena…

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Dynamite World Carp Classic Competition winners

Fireworks mark the start of the 2013 Dynamite World Carp Classic

Watch brief highlights as World Carp Classic founder Ross Honey lights the fuse to ignite the World Carp Classic as fireworks signal the start of the 2013 event. The action takes place at the 2012 champions peg – Peter Micula and Norbert Pongracz.

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Start of the 2013 World Carp Classic

The Peg Draw at the 2013 World Carp Classic

On Sunday afternoon at the grand theatre in Bolsena the highly anticipated and all important peg draw took place. Each team in turn got up on stage to draw a peg from the bag. See the reaction of some of the competitors…

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Peg draw for the World Carp Classic

The World Carp Classic Flag Parade at Lake Bolsena Italy

The traditional flag parade took place on Sunday 29th of September as all 280 competitors & their runners proudly carried the flag of their countries through the streets of Bolsena to the famous theatre for the opening ceremony and all important peg draw.

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World Carp Classic Falg Parade

WCC 2013 Registration & a welcome Dynamite beer!

Anticipation ahead of the 2013 World Carp Classic continues as anglers from around the world gather at Bivvy City to register for the event. It’s busy in the Dynamite marquee too as visitors join us for a Dynamite beer…

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World Carp Classic registration

Gerrard Williams at the Dynamite marquee in Bivvy City

There are 140 teams (280 anglers) competing at the 2013 World Carp Classic. During registration each participant received a welcome pack from Dynamite including a bucket filled with Dynamite products and also some of the latest Ace Razorpoint hooks. Here Gerrard Williams talks about each product…

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Dynamite marquee at Bivvy City

Pre-event Build-up to the World Carp Classic 2013

Ross Honey Founder of the World Carp Classic show us just whats going on at Bolsena base-camp and Bivvy City as this excitement builds ahead of the 2013 World Carp Classic.

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Pre-event set-up at the World carp Classic 2013

Christian Grasshoff June Video Blog – Carp Fishing in Mecklenburg

Christian Grasshoff’s latest video blog is from Mecklenburg in Germany. This big, tranquil lake can only be accessed by boat. The Crave does the business as Christian has a total of 6 carp in 24 hours including a cracking grass carp…

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Carp Fishing in Mecklenburg

Christian Grasshoff May Video Blog – Carp Fishing in Germany

Dynamite Baits Christian Grasshoff follows up last month’s blog with his next carp catching instalment as he visits two lakes in Germany. Watch footage of Christian with some stunning fish including a linear and a big catfish.

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Carp fishing in germany

Gerrard Williams in action at Cromwell Lakes

Watch Gerrard Williams in action as he lands a lovely mirror at Cromwell Lake – England. This chunky carp fell to Dynamite Baits 10mm Pineapple & Banana Fluro Pop-Up.

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Gerrard Williams

Pennsylvania Creek Carp Fishing by Craig Parkes

Watch Craig stalking carp in a rural Pennsylvania creek in crystal clear water. Some of these carp have rarely if ever seen a boilie before and although they’re not the biggest they put up a decent fight. Craig also provides a few of his tips on how he approaches this style of fishing.

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Pennsylvania Creek Carp Fishing

Rick Warren demonstrates how he makes his stick mixes

In this video Dynamite Baits Rick Warren talks through step by step how he makes his stick mix whilst out on the bank in Belgium. His stick mix includes Chocolate Malt boilies, a variety of pellets and two liquid attractants – Marine Halibut and Spicy Tuna & Sweet Chilli.

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Dynamite Baits Videos

Preparing the perfect winter mix

Mike Hamer lands a cracking winter mirror carp whilst fishing over a bed of XL White Chocolate groundbait. See how he prepares his groundbait to ensure he gets the perfect mix.

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XL White Chocolate Groundbait

Dynamite Baits Scenic Photo Competition Gallery

Between December 19th 2012 and February 10th 2013 Dynamite Baits ran a Scenic Photo competition with the chance to win a signed copy of Terry Hearn’s book “Still Searching” & a signed copy of Terry Hearn’s DVD “In Pursuit Of The Largest” plus some Dynamite Baits products. Here’s just a selection of some of the many entries we received…

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Scenic Photo Competition Gallery

Preparing Swim Stim Red Krill Carp Pellets

A short video demonstrating how to prepare Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Red Krill Carp Pellets. Pellets available in four sizes: 1mm, 3mm, 6mm & 8mm. Also available Swim Stim Red Krill Groundbait and ready to use Paste.

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How to prepare Swim Stim Red Krill Pellets

Silver X Groundbait – How to mix?

A demonstration on how to get the best out of mixing your Silver X groundbait. The range include Silver X River, Canal & Lake, Roach, Bream, Feeder, Specimen, Method-mix and Carp.

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How to mix groundbait

Dynamite Baits – Shimano stand – Carp Zwolle 2013

View video footage from the Carp Zwolle 2013 show in the Netherlands. Featuring Dynamite Baits, Shimano and ACE – see lots of exciting new products on display and a few familiar faces to Dynamite Baits fans!

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Video highlights from Carp Zwolle 2013

Highlights from Dynamite Baits at the Utrecht Fishing Show 2012

Watch highlights from the Utrecht Fishing show 2012 in which all of the new Dynamite Baits products were on display.

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Utrecht Show 2012 - video highlights

Winter Carping on The Crave

Watch a short video about Autumn/Winter carping 2012 with Mathis Korn. He caught two nice carp including one over 50lbs on Terry Hearn’s new bait “The Crave” from Dynamite Baits.

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Mathis Korn Winter Carping - Dynamite Baits

Terry Hearn’s The Crave boilie range in action

See some results on The Crave with anglers Marc Westenberg, Piere Michel Lehe, Andre Piters, Christian Grasshof and Sjuul W Ploemen.

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Video of Dynamite Baits Terry Hearn's The Crave in action

Shimano Dutch Trout Team – using Dynamite Baits Floating Trout Dough Bait

See a short video from Shimano Dutch trout ace Peter Negerman using the new Floating Trout Dough Baits.

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Using Dynamite Baits Floating Trout Dough Bait

Floating Trout Dough Baits – Demonstration from The Trout Masters

Recent Trout Masters competitor Ron demonstrates his step-by-step guide on how he moulds Honey Worm (white) with Mussel & Snail (green) Floating Trout Dough Baits.

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Step-by-step guide on moulding Trout Dough Baits from Dynamite Baits

Terry Hearn’s The Crave story – video demonstration

Terry Hearn talks about his latest new bait range from Dynamite Baits – The Crave. The full range is explained including fresh boilies, liquid attractant, hookbait dip, pop-ups & fluro pop-ups.


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Terry Hearn's The Crave story

Bait boat Antics with Rick Warren

Watch Dutch angler Rick Warren gets his Hi-Attract boilies right on the spot using this bait boat!

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Dutch angler Rick Warren using bait boat to get Hi-Attract boilies right on the spot

Floating Trout Dough Baits demo

Short demo of the new Floating Trout Dough Baits. Hooking, molding and gliding through the water. See them in action in this short video…

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Floating Trout Dough Bait demonstration

Dynamite Baits New Products video for 2012-13

For the new products launch at EFTTEX we made this video showcasing some of the latest Dynamite Baits. Click the link to view the trailer.

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View the latest Dynamite baits products in this trailer produced for Efttex